Ipomoea e-PCR Tool

The Ipomoea e-PCR tool uses the program ipcress to perform an in-silico PCR simulation (e-PCR).   The program works by searching for primer alignments in a reference genome that produce a product within the parameters selected.

Primers with low complexity or repetitive sequence may cause this tool to time out and not return results.   I reccommend using primer3 to pick primers for your sequence.   If you have issues with the Ipomoea e-PCR Tool , please contact John Hamilton (john.hamilton@uga.edu)


  • Primer Sequence: min length 10 nts, max length 30 nts, primers should be selected using a primer picking tool such as primer3
  • Product Size Span: min 1 bp, max 1000 bp
  • Max Mismatches per Primer Alignment: min 0, max 2
  • The I. trifida and I. triloba v3 pseudomolecules are the only reference genomes available

Note: The e-PCR process can take a few minutes to run. Please be patient and avoid submitting multiple jobs

Left Primer Sequence
Right Primer Sequence
Min Product Size (bp)
Max Product Size (bp)
Max Mismatches
Genome Assembly